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Mr Archbold has been involved in research throughout his career which has resulted in many journal and book publications.




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Book Chapters


The Corail® Hip System: 2011 Elsevier

Chapter 8: Positioning of the acetabular cup using the TAL. Reliable landmark. pp 225-246

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction: A Practical Surgical Guide: Springer 2014

Chapter 8 Surgical Technique Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet MDPhilippe Colombet MDRainer Siebold MDPooler Archbold MD pp89-98

Chapter 9 Literature Results Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet MDJacopo Conteduca MDPooler Archbold MD,  Mathieu Thaunat MD

Surgery of the Knee: Springer 2014

The purpose of this book will be to meticulously describe and detail the vast knee surgery experience gained at the Lyon School of Medicine and to present it as comprehensive step by step guides for diagnosis, treatment options and pre/post operative management. Cases of common pathology, such as knee osteoarthritis or ligament rupture will be presented along with other less common situations

Chapter 1: Arthroscopy of the Knee P. Archbold, L.N. Favaro Lourenço Francisco, R. Kancelskis Prado, and Robert A. Magnussen

Chapter 2: Meniscectomy P. Archbold, L.N. Favaro Lourenço Francisco, R. Kancelskis Prado, and Robert A. Magnussen

Chapter 3: Surgical Management of Chondral and Osteochondral Lesions  P. Archbold, T. Aït Si Selmi, and C. Bussière

Chapter 4: Iliotibial band syndrome P. Archbold and G. Mezzadri

Chapter 5: Surgical Indications in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis P. Archbold and J.L. Paillot

Chapter 6: Osteotomy: General Concepts and Indications P. Archbold and J.L. Paillot

Chapter 7: High Tibial Varus Osteotomy R. Debarge and P. Archbold

Chapter 8: Anterior Opening Wedge Osteotomy of the Tibia for the Treatment of Genu Recurvatum R. Debarge and P. Archbold

Chapter 9: Surgical Technique for a Double Osteotomy P. Archbold, P. Verdonk, and E. Servien

Chapter 10: Total Knee Replacement in Lateral Arthritis Specifics and Surgical Techniques P. Archbold, J. Pernin, and G. Demey

Chapter 11: Episodic Patellar Dislocation E. Servien and P. Archbold

Published: 13 September 2016

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A frequently published specialist, Mr Pooler Archbold has been involved with research throughout his career.

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